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The hunt is on, join your side


To hunt beasts or to be hunted by them; that is the everlasting question. Evolve is an online action multiplayer shooter game in which you can play as the hunter of as a giant beast that tries to survive against humans that want to take it down. Turtle Rock Studios, the developer of the game for PS4, Xbox One and digital download for PC, sets the importance of teamwork for the 4 hunters teams against the brute force of the monster.

Evolve’s main objective is nothing more than to beat the beast for the hunters’ side, destroy the human generator placed over the map, or defeat the hunters for the beast side. Although it really seems pretty easy since it is a 4-vs-1 battle, it requires a strong strategy and information about the environment with added difficulty due to the wild creatures and the constant struggle to survive.

The visual aspect of Evolve impeccably shows off the real power of the next-generation graphic engines for newly available hardware. The recreation of the different settings such as the jungle gives a glimpse of what is possible with CryEngine. The difference between day and night effects are really something to bear in mind due to the cues the beast leaves behind that are not so readily visible in the dark. Immersive environments have been taken into account with the overall design and innovative graphic technologies grant an optimized aspect to Evolve.

The complete hunters
The complete hunters' team


The main online game mode to play is “Hunt” although there are more available with different features. In this core mode, 4 team-based human hunters will be placed in a map in order to hunt down a monster that roams free in the area. There will be a different kind of flora and fauna to obtain resources from, such as stat boosts. The hunter player can get a strategic advantage thanks to the environment since the beast will leave traces behind it.

The Hunters’ side is played just like a cooperative first-person shooter, with four classes available to choose from. These classes are medic, assault, trapper and support. Each one of those has a determined duty in order to face-off the giant beast. The medic carries a heal-gun and additional weapons that help to stop the beast. Support class uses shield guns, stealth cloak and a little damaging laser. Trapper sets traps all over the place in order to catch the creature and get it into a man-made dome. Finally, the Assault class is the main source of damage with a lightning gun, rifles and other kind of advanced weaponry.

Although it really seems pretty easy since it is a 4-vs-1 battle, it requires a strong strategy and information about the environment

Undoubtedly, one of the main aspects of Evolve is the possibility of playing the creature. With the player-controlled beast, the gameplay changes drastically. You start with a not-so-dangerous creature that needs to hunt animals to evolve into a level 3 monster, the top of the food chain. Evolving grants new skills and increases to your power, health and resistance. Breathe fire to throw against giant rocks or dash towards the hunters and be ready to experience the wild side in its third-person camera view.

Fire and blood on your hunting
Fire and blood on your hunting

Evolve Full Version Features

Check the main features of Evolve:

  • Online cooperative multiplayer; up to 5 different players in the same map in two teams
  • Play as an evolving monster hunting down animals of your environment with different abilities and beating the hunters’ side
  • Put your strategies to the test with the hunter’s team setting traps, healing your wounded comrades and directly assaulting the dreadful creature
  • A live environment with fauna that will attack the humans’ side and will serve as the monster’s food
  • Astonishing use of the CryEngine with advanced and customized graphics to recreate a wild maps
  • Additional official content such as maps, skins and more available to download from the release

For getting more information about Evolve before you can download it, be free to check its

If you are alone then you are doomed
If you are alone then you are doomed

System Requirements

Check the necessary requirements for Evolve to run on your computer:

  • Operating System: Windows 7 or later
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo model CPU @ 2.4GHz or better
  • Video Card: Radeon HD 3870 or Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT
  • Memory: 4GB RAM
  • HDD: 30 GB free space available